Power of storytelling

The importance of why vs what

  1. Our belief is that humans thrive when they work together with teams effortlessly
  2. We have an app that allows teams to work together

The importance of thought leadership

  1. Read, read and read
    The first step is to make yourself aware of the niche of your interest
  2. Write
    The next step is to put down your thoughts somewhere so that you can trace them back to validate your predictions
  3. Broadcast
    With the help of social media, broadcast your thoughts to the world. Most of us are consumers, not creators. If you have valuable insights to share, you are likely to be followed by the most.

To conclude, here’s a playbook I am following to improve myself.

  1. Read 2 articles a day and 1 book a month
    This has helped me gain more knowledge and depth of my areas of interests.
  2. Write 2 articles a week and have a mentor to give you feedback.
    This has helped me articulate things better.
  3. Record 2 videos/audios a week explaining those articles.
    This has helped me express myself better.
  4. Do the above for 3 months at least
    The results are compounding



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Akshay Pruthi

Akshay Pruthi


Product Consultant, ex — SPM Vokal, CEO Reach App (acquired by ixigo) | ex- PM, ixigo (Head, special Projects) | Product & Tech enthusiast