Turn your Idea into reality in 30 days!

  1. A new multi-million dollar market to explore and build ideas on top of it.
  2. How to nail the user on-boarding experience.
  3. How to go about creating a quick wireframe for your product idea?
  4. Growth ideas within product to spread Word-of-Mouth
  1. A lot of time goes in merging different shots that creators take while creating a video. And a significant time goes in multiple takes.
  2. For Instagram, creators spend a lot of time in making their content unique and different from others. There are a couple of apps like unfold, video merger, image merger with options to add songs etc which creators are currently using to make their content unique.
  3. Creators are ready to pay $10 a month from their pocket money to a designer/video editor who can regularly help them with their editing needs.

🧐 Understanding what user on-boarding is?

  1. Try creating a linear user journey for your first MVP. Linear user journey means mapping down user actions to only one flow to experience the key USP. This will help you remove the unnecessary features and help you focus on key KPI / funnel you want to improve
  2. Keep the narrative very strong and clear. The positioning you had set at the time of your App Store listing should continue on your product. It’s time for you to show that magic you have been selling through your app description. Avoid any feature which is not leading to user delight.
  3. Test. Iterate. Test. Iterate. The whole purpose of making a wireframe is to get better at predictability of how a user is going to traverse through the app. With more testing and iterating, you’ll get better at predicting the user journeys and your hypothesis. How do you test? Simple tools like Marvel App, help you create quick wireframes and share it among your friends.
  1. ASO (App Store Optimisation) — Collect the right set of keywords for ASO and position your entire narrative around that. For eg, some of the top keywords I researched for this app were — wallpaper, photo creator, instagram story downloader, instagram story creator etc.
  2. Word of Mouth — Word of mouth starts with a great product. If 3/7 conversations among friends are about videos creation on TikTok, and you are able to surface a use case solving a major problem they face while creating videos, you might become a talking point for them. For eg, A talking to B — “Dude, I created today’s video through this tool “abc” in 1 minute”. Or when you share the video with a tool, putting up your logo will lead to a tremendous word of mouth.



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Akshay Pruthi

Akshay Pruthi


Product Consultant, ex — SPM Vokal, CEO Reach App (acquired by ixigo) | ex- PM, ixigo (Head, special Projects) | Product & Tech enthusiast